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Every stylish man must have a leather coat

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Update time : 2021-03-01 15:33:41

This is simply the best comment on the single product "leather".

Not only is it difficult for girls to resist its inherent sexiness and unruly, many boys with tough guys also love it.

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Although leather clothing is now a must-have item in the wardrobe of sportsmen, the earliest such outerwear was born because of military needs.

As the cockpits of old-fashioned aircraft are not completely airtight, clothing with excellent warmth is needed to help the pilots keep out the wind and cold during high-altitude operations.


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In the 1930s, the rise of motorcycle sports.

American classic brand NYC has launched the world's first military leather improved version "Perfecto®", officially opening the popular legend of motorcycle jackets.

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In 1953, the super classic "The Wild One-Speeding Car Party" made it famous.

In the film, Marlon Brando, wearing a leather jacket, portrays the bad boys on the street to life. That raspy and handsome image not only awakens the rebellious lion in the hearts of American youths, but also successfully ignited it in the hearts of all girls. Fire, as the movie lines say--

"Not everyone can turn sentient beings upside down like this on a locomotive."

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Then, the locomotive trend culture spread to the rock circle.

Elvis, Ramones and other great gods Yishui's leather style, let the unique rebellious spirit deeply rooted in people's hearts.

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Handsome guys often have them, but handsome guys don't often have them.

Want to be cooler? You need a leather jacket, a must-have combat suit for winter.

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How many styles of leather clothing are there?

If you want to wear a good leather jacket, you must first figure out which one you are suitable for.

If distinguished by style, leather clothing can be divided into the following three categories:


Double Rider, which is the same model as the Marlon Brando movie we mentioned at the beginning, can be described as the most recognizable classic model in leather jackets.

Its typical features are diagonal zipper and large lapel, in addition to design details such as epaulettes and waistband.
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There is another style with a special name called "pig milk", named after the pair of round metal decorations on the chest.

As an evolved version of Double Rider, it is also a side zipper and double-breasted design.

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As you can see, the pig milk leather jacket is really eye-catching, as if only a real motorcycle rider can hold it.

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