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Science encyclopedia -- Belts

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Update time : 2020-09-01 08:43:45
      In our life, we can often see the existence of belts. Some people use them to fix trousers, while others use them to decorate clothes. It is also very important to choose the belt that suits you.A thick belt and a thin belt on the same clothes, the feeling is not the same.Men should always use a belt, actually a belt is a leather belt.But at present, the international community advocates environmental protection, so PU belt is the most popular, leather belt market is less and less.
      It is also important to be aware that belts are recyclable. If you have worn belts in your home, you can put them into the appropriate garbage classification.
      Recyclables refer to waste paper, waste plastics, waste glass products, waste metal, waste fabric and other domestic wastes that are suitable for recycling and recycling.Recyclables should be put lightly, clean and dry, avoid pollution;Waste paper as flat as possible;Please empty the contents of the three-dimensional packaging, and flatten them after cleaning;If there are sharp edges and corners, it should be put after wrapping.
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