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The perfect combination of pearl and case and bag buckle

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Update time : 2020-08-15 09:42:59
      The picture you can see is the new necklace launched by our company in August. Our new necklace borrows from various fashion elements and is guaranteed to be unique.

                                                                                                                (new arrival)
       The idea of this necklace is derived from the case buckles we usually see on the case bags. In the case bags we touch, there are many small but delicate case buckles, which are especially suitable for pendants of the necklace, instead, they can highlight the sexy collarbone and long neck.Golden pendant color can foil the girl with the advantage of white skin, also suit the girl with black skin, appear more advanced.As for why the chain chose the pearl, it is because of the monotony of the case and bag buckle, the pearl can improve the advanced sense of the whole necklace as a whole, the second is that the collocation of pearl and case and bag buckle is unprecedented, which can stand out in the fashion trend.
      As our new product in August, this necklace will be released soon, and we will meet you with the best product quality.So stay tuned.Keep paying attention to us, we will launch fashion items every month.
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