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Update time : 2021-01-15 11:48:53
The accessories of famous brands combine many soft and luxurious elements.

It is worth mentioning that, on the basis of layer upon layer of overlapping neck ornaments, there is also a brand decoration, neat and elegant, broken diamond Mosaic is to show the infinite charm of low-key luxury.

The Choker, which is connected with metal chains, also has a unique charm. The broken diamonds and gems are decorated, which fully reflects the accessories characteristics of the Renaissance period, but also integrates modern elements into it. The different elegance also side interprets the feminine spirit of the new era.

Bright and clever water drill with their own hue absorbs light beam to swallow again soft and soft ground vomit out, warm and euphemistic diverge the mang hui of all sorts of intention, of pearl and water drill hand in photograph reflect perfectly matched classical mysterious lasting appeal and modern noble temperament, unique charm.

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