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All kinds of jewelry on the beauty

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Update time : 2021-01-19 09:21:19

Like the necklace on her neck,
as well as the earrings she wears,
the bracelet she wears on her hands,
they all show her personality.

Let's talk abhout the earrings.Generally made of gold and silver, there are also inlaid beads or hanging beads and jade inlaid pendants.
Modern still popular with plastic or the earring that the material such as marble, ceramic makes, also can be made by the material,such as metal, plastic, glass, gemstone and garment photograph form a complete set commonly.

Earrings, to a certain extent, can show certain customs, beliefs, status, wealth, etc.
From a modern medical point of view, the center of the earlobe where the earlobe is placed is exactly the acupoint of the eye.
From this, wear earring to protect eyesight, eye disease of prevention and cure, especially prevent and treat myopia, having better curative effect.

Earrings can give you different feelings on different occasions, make your personality lively at the party, make you noble and generous at the banquet, let you receive awards too starlight, in fact, earrings are so magic, earrings can cooperate with you to change.

Then,look at these bracelets on her hands.Bracelets are made of a variety of materials, each with its own unique sheen and texture.

Materials should be chosen according to their own needs and conditions.

In general, the hand chain that makes with gold, platinum, silver, easy and all sorts of clothing are suitable.

All sorts of materials such as woody, hard plastic, leather, vitreous, ivory, metal, with fashionable fashion, trendy outfit, casual outfit, casual outfit, sportwear collocation, often can have good results.

The hand chain that all sorts of jewelry jade implement extremely his material makes, have respective inherent color.And the beauty of any colorific and not beautiful, it is through combination, ability after collocation reflects its charm adequately.Accordingly, when choosing hand chain, it is the color quality that should see headgear itself;Two is to see whether the color of the jewelry and their own skin color is appropriate;Three is to see whether the color of the bracelet and the color of clothing can be a good match.

The quality of the bracelet.It is an important part of the selection process.
It is to see whether craft structure is reasonable, firm next.
For example, bracelets, most of them are made up of many small rings, and if the connection between the rings is not good, it is easy to fall off.

If set gemstone hand chain again, the fastness that size of its gap can affect gemstone directly.

Another is to see whether the production is fine, such as the chain body, chain surface is smooth, the pattern is meticulous, and the diamond's folding, the color of the pearl, shape, size, etc., are to be carefully checked.

As more and more innovations and designers begin to pursue a sense of fashion, the shape and style of bracelets are also different.
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